G-Leuhr Medicated Hair Spas

We use Radio Frequency waves penetrate at specific energy into the scalp resulting in increased blood  circulation around the hair follicle that follicle that provides the hair Follicle Complete nourishment and the serum used infuses well to restores back your hair health, shine and control frizziness of your hair results


Fast & Visible Results

  • Boost Scalp blood circulation promoting hair growth
  • Nourish the scalp and everlasting results
  • Visible Results in 2-3 weeks


Hair Spas Laser Treatments We offer

  • G-Leuhr hair nourish Therapy
  • G- Leuhr Anti-Dandruff Therapy
  • G- Leuhr Anti hairfall therapy
  • G- Leuhr Hair Immunity Boost Therapy


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